Dungeons are the single player's game. Access to the Dungeons is through the Dungeon button along the bottom of the main menu. There are a number of different Dungeon levels that can be adventured through. Each level exists as a tab along the top part of the Dungeon screen. Pushing the name of the level will open up your options - as you delve deeper into the Dungeons, more will open up as you complete the levels.

Each Dungeon can be completed in the Normal, Elite and Heroic difficulties. In addition, there are special Event Dungeons that are available for set lengths of times and then close. These will have the length of time left either way - until they close, or until the re-open.

Story DungeonsEdit

  1. The Broken Looking Glass
  2. Yellow Brick Road
  3. Frozen Waste
  4. The Princess of Ashes
  5. The Vampires of the Neverwood
  6. The Haunted Wood
  7. The Abyss
  8. The Tower Prison
  9. The Giant Siege
  10. The Candy Castle Rescue
  11. Return to Wonderland

Event DungeonsEdit

  1. Merlin Patch
  2. Order of Light
  3. Golden Dragon Whelp
  4. Backstab Squad
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