Guild Edit

Example of Guild Page

  • Laboratory
    • Natural Sentiment
    • Alchemy Frenzy
    • Arcane Fusion
    • Limit Breakthrough
    • Arena Reputation
    • Sharpen Edge
    • Survival Instinct
    • Guild Friends
  • Market (opens at Lv 10)
  • News
  • Courtyard
    • manages the guild slogan(Manifesto), message(Announcements), rename(for 500 runes), and upgrade

Members Edit

Each member has the possibility of gaining DKP through completing dungeons.

Ranks Edit

  • The President
  • Vice-President
  • Officer

Showcase Edit

Bidding Edit

Bidding Instructions: Guilds who bid in th Top 100 will be featured. Featured Guilds refresh every 6 hours. Six hours before refresh you can bid for the ranking of next 6 hours. *Any guild member who has purchased more than 2000 Runes or is >LV 90 can bid, the Guild bid is sum all bids together.

G-Dungeon Edit

This dungeon will be opened by president or vice-president when guild reaches Lv3. Dungeons are either Guild or Solo.

Auction Edit

Auctions equipment(?)

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